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Kathleen (Kanta) Donnegan: Minyma Tjuta


  • No.:RK1448
  • Technique:Acrylique sur lin
  • Taille:110 × 83 cm
  • Année:2017
  • Région:Spinifex Country
  • Centre d'Art:Spinifex Arts Project
  • Status:

Kathleen has painted the Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) Tjukurpa here. The Seven Sisters story is a major Western Desert story which accounts for the Pleiades constellation in the sky. In general terms the story traces the journey of Minyma Tjuta (many women, ancestral beings) who are sisters. They are travelling together, hunting, singing traditional song and passing through particular sites which have become sacred due to the sister’s presence. In turn the sisters are being pursued themselves by Nyiru, a lustful older man intent on grabbing a sister, preferably the eldest, for his wife. This story is vast and with details in both the private and public domain pertaining to both women’s and men’s business. Many of the details cannot be publically discussed.

Cette œuvre est protégée. Toute forme de copie ou représentation, y inclus partielle, nécessite l’accord de l’artiste. Nous vous aidons volontiers à vous le procurer.