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Betty Kuntiwa Pumani: Antara - Maku Dreaming


  • No.:RK1051
  • Technique:Acrylique sur lin
  • Taille:122 × 122 cm
  • Année:2014
  • Région:APY Lands (East)
  • Centre d'Art:Mimili Maku
  • Status:

"Kungka Kutjara ananyi tjukula. A long time ago two women went to Apu Katu, to the hill around Antara. They were singing inma song and hitting the rock with a punu stick, and singing and Maku tjuta biggest mob of Maku come from the tree we call Maku tree Ilykuwara meaning Witchetty Bush. When we go out Makuing the next day we will gather a lot of Bush tucker. My mother Milatjari Pumani taught me how to respect Maku Tjurkurpa for Mimili Community. I also teach my daughter and son and grand children what Mimili Maku Tjurkurpa means for Maku Dreaming. I also dance inma when tourists come to Victory Well, I am proud to be custodian of that Tjukurpa Maku Dreaming."

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