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Maria-Josette Orsto Japajapunga: Miyinga


  • No.:RK1589
  • Technique:Pigments naturels sur coton
  • Taille:100 × 150 cm
  • Année:2018
  • Région:Tiwi Islands
  • Centre d'Art:Munupi Arts
  • Status:

In the olden days men used to scar themselves for their promised wife, for the first promised wife they would scar themselves across their chest. When they wanted a second wife (they were usually young women who were just becoming mature) they would hide them in a paperbark hut so no other man would steal them. The men would scar themselves with V shape on the chest. This scaring was called minga and was usually done at the kulama ceremony.

Cette œuvre est protégée. Toute forme de copie ou représentation, y inclus partielle, nécessite l’accord de l’artiste. Nous vous aidons volontiers à vous le procurer.