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Roy Underwood: Miramiratjara


  • No.:RK1628
  • Technique:Acrylique sur coton
  • Taille:154 × 111,5 cm
  • Année:2011
  • Région:Spinifex Country
  • Centre d'Art:Spinifex Arts Project
  • Status:

Roy has painted Miramiratjara a place known to the Spinifex people as a powerful and dangerous place. Miramiratjara is known for it's permanent underground supply of water which is guarded by dangerous water snakes. The old people must accompany visitors to the site as only they how to pacify the snakes with smoke. Miramiratjara was a place where the Spinifex mob would travel to in times of drought as the water was permanent but did require digging.

Cette œuvre est protégée. Toute forme de copie ou représentation, y inclus partielle, nécessite l’accord de l’artiste. Nous vous aidons volontiers à vous le procurer.