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Roy Underwood: Mulyanya


  • No.:RK1633
  • Technique:Acrylique sur lin
  • Taille:138 × 197 cm
  • Année:2013
  • Région:Spinifex Country
  • Centre d'Art:Spinifex Arts Project
  • Status:

"Kapi Mulyanya, piti tjuta. Wanampi mama. Miilmiilpa.

This place is Mulyanya. There are many water holes. The father watersnake man is here. This is a dangerous and sacred place."

This painting shows a detail of the Wati Kutjara (Two Man) story from Pukara as it passes through Mulyanya. The Wanampi (magical water serpent), a father and his son, are travelling on

initiations across the lands. Here Roy depicts the father surrounded by waterholes created by serpent men.

Mulyanya is a powerful place which has a water source guarded by dangerous water snakes. It needs to be visited by Anangu with the authority and power to pacify the snakes through a smoking process.

Cette œuvre est protégée. Toute forme de copie ou représentation, y inclus partielle, nécessite l’accord de l’artiste. Nous vous aidons volontiers à vous le procurer.