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The content of this website is protected by copyright unless otherwise noted.

Copyright of all artworks remains with the artists and traditional owners, also when a painting is sold, and is administered on their behalf by the respective art centres.

Any form of reproduction, duplication and transfer must be approved in writing by the respective artist or his art centre. We are happy to be of help with this.

Ditto artist portraits, stories about the paintings and biographical details about the artists.

ARTKELCH owns property rights to all other aspects of this website. This includes texts, translations between German and English, other photos and website design, if not noted to the contrary.

The contents of the ARTKELCH website are exclusively for private use, not commercial. Use for research is permitted, as long as the source and ARTKELCH are quoted. Works of art must carry the name of the artist and his art centre. Such use does not entitle any rights to paintings and information.

Photos (from left to right):
Robyn Kelch in front of a painting by Dickie Minyintiri © ARTKELCH

Collaborative work from the Western APY Lands in Kunstwerk © ARTKELCH

Matthias Kelch at the art Karlsruhe 2013 © ARTKELCH