About Us

Robyn & Matthias Kelch Robyn & Matthias Kelch

ARTKELCH specialises in Australian Contemporary Indigenous Art.

ARTKELCH not only sources top quality authentic Aboriginal art for art aficionados and collectors here in Europe, they also support selected artists and art centres in remote Australia desiring to exhibit their art in Europe.
At this interface it is also the intention of ARTKELCH to inform and educate the audience about the culture of the Aboriginal peoples and their fate in the recent history of Australia, since the white man discovered the continent at the end of the 18th Century.

All of that is inextricably linked and intensely fascinating in its artistic, cultural, spiritual and political dimensions.

ARTKELCH wants to share their fascination with contemporary Aboriginal art with you.

Although works by Australia´s Indigenous artists have long been welcomed into important museums and galleries all over the world, the acceptance and dissemination of Aboriginal art in Germany, Austria and Switzerland still has a long way to go. It is frequently dismissed as ethno-art or craft.

The ARTKELCH Gallery, owned by the German-Australian Robyn Kelch, is doing its part to make Australian Contemporary Indigenous Art more well-known and appreciated in Germany.

The paintings are the central focus:

selected works, usually brightly colored and from the high-end segment of Indigenous Art, mainly from the deserts at Australia's red centre.

In addition to our participation at art fairs (Art Bodensee 2010, Art Karlsruhe since 2011) we stage 3 to 4 annual exhibitions at our Freiburg Gallery and 1 to 2 exhibitions at our Collectors Lounge near Stuttgart. Additionally we curate a large annual touring exhibition named Pro Community, which has the focus on art from one specific region.

ARTKELCH stands for quality, dependability and respect in all dealings with art and artists.

Which is why ARTKELCH cooperates solely with so-called community-based Art Centres in Australia which guarantee not only authenticity and quality in the work supplied but also make sure the artists are remunerated fairly.

The artists we represent are well known all over Australia; many have won prestigious prizes and their work is featured in many private and public collections, also internationally. For most of the artists there is an existing secondary market at auction houses, which provides a certain certification of their work, even if a steadily increasing value cannot be ultimately guaranteed.

ARTKELCH also introduces a small contingent of promising new talents every year.