The Collectors Lounge Near Stuttgart

The Collectors Lounge was the permanent branch of ARTKELCH in the Stuttgart area. In Matthias Kelch’s light and airy office in the factory of the kptec group GmbH in Schondorf in Remstal, ARTKELCH had set up a spacious exhibition area right in the middle of an industrial building.

A permanent exhibition of available work was located here. Yearly exhibitions were held at this space. Since 2013 the ARTKELCH Collectors Lounge had also been participating in the Schorndorf Art Night.

Wiesenstraße 33 in 73614 Schorndorf

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The Stuttgart area is home to many collectors and aficionados of Contemporary Fine Arts. Mr and Mrs Klein, for example, are avid collectors, whose collection covers more than 250 Aboriginal artworks in addition to their Western artworks. The Aboriginal Art exhibitions in their private museum in Eberdingen Nussdort (Kunstwerk) have reached a wide circle of interested people in the Stuttgart area.

Our Collectors Lounge has been set up especially for customers and interested parties from this region.