Code of Ethics

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ARTKELCH feels committed to the arts and the artists and their families and communities in remote Australia as well as to customers and potential clients in Europe.

Working with art centres (cooperatives owned and run by the artists) is our main focus. Fair and rapid payment of the artists can be guaranteed this way. Solid proof of artwork provenance can be provided. Some of the proceeds flow via the art centres into the development of the indigenous communities and into the development and promotion of upcoming talents.

Artistic copyright is also one of our main concerns. For this reason we provide photos of paintings on our website in a maximum resolution of 400 x 600 px. We deliberately do not use higher resolution images or a zoom function on our website. If you are interested in a painting and desire a photo in a higher resolution, please email us with this wish.

Please heed further information on copyright.

ARTKELCH was a member of the Indigenous Art Code until the gallery has closed its doors in 2021.

Photos (from left to right):
Artists´visit to Kunstwerk | Pro Community 2011 © ARTKELCH
Nellie Stewart at Tjungu Palya © ARTKELCH
Clients at ARTKELCH in Freiburg © ARTKELCH