The Gallery for Aboriginal Art in Freiburg (CLOSED)

For the last 15 years the core of ARTKELCH was its art gallery in Freiburg in Breisgau. All exhibitions in Germany were curated and organized here, including the annual touring exhibition Pro Community.

The gallery itself hosted three to four exhibitions a year, each being an entity unto itself, but which were also set up as a journey of discovery.

Additionally we staged events related to Contemporary Aboriginal Art, such as lectures, film evenings and readings about the art and culture of the First Australians.

Special tours for groups could be booked during the exhibitions in Freiburg. Appointments for private viewings could be made any time, also outside exhibition dates and regular opening hours.

ARTKELCH exhibitions and events were set up to be of an educative nature, but we hope they also appealed aesthetically, triggered discussion and brought joy. The Gallery thus intended to be a platform for open-minded people, fascinated by Indigenous art and culture.

ARTKELCH was a member of the German Association of Galleries in Baden Württemberg and a member of the Association of Fine-Art Galleries in Freiburg named ʺKunst in Freiburgʺ.

We took part in the annual art events in Freiburg: offen für kunst (open day on a Sunday in spring), the nocturne (Freiburg galleries’ and museums’ long night in autumn) and the collective exhibition DSKS ('that is supposed to be art') of the galleries represented in the Freiburg Art Association.