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Lawrence Pennington: Pukara


  • Nr.:RK1691
  • Medium:Acryl auf Leinen
  • Größe:75 × 60 cm
  • Jahr:2019
  • Region:Spinifex Country
  • Kunstzentrum:Spinifex Arts Project

Lawrence Pennington touches the deepest qualities of the Tjukurpa in the unseen, taking the broad brush to minimal resemblance of the characters that inhabited the first journey. He guides the significant sites of Pukara effortlessly onto the canvas, channelling the essence of Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Men Creation Line) from a time before when Lawrence walked throughout Spinifex Country. A time when he walked with the Song, following the physical manifestation in the landscape, left by the creation beings, of the stories that made it so, of the characters that played out the journey.

Das Kunstwerk steht unter besonderem Schutz. Jegliche Form der Abbildung, auch von Teilen, erfordert die Genehmigung des Künstlers, bei deren Beschaffung wir gerne behilflich sind.