Iwantja Arts

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Iwantja Arts is the second oldest of the four art centres in the Eastern APY Lands and located in Indulkana (Iwantja). Because of its proximity to the Stuart Highway, the art centre was trapped in the tourist segment for a long time.

Only recently did the cooperative make ripples in the art world with the cowboy triumvirate - Whiskey Tjukangku ('the wild card'), Peter Mungkuri and Alec Baker. Whiskey’s symbolic language of angular hooked lines has the power to affect the heart with its archaic rawness.

Of all the young artists, Vincent Namatjira is our first preference. His conceptionally styled portraits are breaking new ground in contemporary Aboriginal art.

Photos (f.l.t.r.): Alec Baker | Photo: Rhett Hammerton © Iwantja Arts Whiskey Tjukangku | Photo: Rhett Hammerton © Iwantja Arts Vincent Namatjira | Photo: Callum Robertson © Iwantja Arts