Women's Mountain near Kintore © Papunya Tula Artists

Kintore (Walungurru) is a community in the Northern Territory about 500 km west of Alice Springs, not far from the border to Western Australia.

Kintore started up in the 70’s when many Pintupi families moved back to their homelands. In the early days it was looked after by Papunya and managed by the art advisor there. However when conditions in Papunya continued to deteriorate and the headquarter of Papunya Tula Artists moved to Alice Springs, Kintore was then serviced directly from Alice Springs.

Until 1994 it was mainly the men who painted in Kintore. Not until they visited their female relatives in Haasts Bluff for cultural business did the women start to paint. Among the most famous artists from Kintore are the late Makinti Napanangka (Telstra Award 2008), the late Ningura Napurrula (ceiling painting in Musée du quai Branly, Paris), Eileen Napaltjarri (50 most collectable artists 2008), Tjunkiya and Wintiya Napaltjarri (Finalist Western Australian Indigenous Art Award 2013) and Lorna Brown.

In 2007 a new studio was opened for the artists in Kintore.