On the way to Kiwirrkura © ARTKELCH

Kiwirrkura is an outstation with 170 inhabitants, located about 150 km west of Kintore in Western Australia. In the 80’s several families from Kintore moved further west to resettle on their homelands and to put a check on mining corporations.

In Kiwirrkura it has been the women particularly who walked out of the shadow of the male artists of Papunya and Kintore, now forming the backbone of the art movement there today. Walangkura Napanangka (50 most collectable artists 2007), Doreen Reid (documenta 13) and Yukulti Napangati (Alice Prize 2012) are among the artists in Kiwirrkura who are most in demand.

The most important painting men from Papunya Tula Artists from Kiwirrkura, represented by ARTKELCH, are Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (50 most collectable artists 2009) and George Tjungurrayi (50 most collectable artists 2003) who started to paint very convincing minimalistic works in the 90’s, which were completely different to the dot map paintings of the 80’s, as well as Patrick Tjungurrayi (Western Australian Indigeneous Art Arward 2008), Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri (documenta 13), Johnny Yungut, Nyilyari Tjapangati (Finalist Western Australian Indigenous Art Award 2011) and Richard Yukenbarri.

Associated Artworks