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Clem Rictor: Tjuntjun


  • No.:RK0932
  • Medium:Acrylic on Linen
  • Size:137 × 115 cm
  • Year:2005
  • Region:Spinifex Country
  • Art Centre:Spinifex Arts Project
  • Status:

Clem has painted the country around where he was born and has focussed on Tjala (Honey Ant) which is both an important food source and part of a ‘big’ story from the area. The component from this story that Clem has painted cannot be elaborated.

When people hunt for Tjala they look for telltale signs on the ground often near the base of a tree. It is a big job to dig out honey ants as the nest is typically about three foot below the ground. However, once the body of the nest is reached many ants can be found and they provide a rich, high energy and much sought after food item. Tjala are consumed with relish.

Special provisions apply to this artwork. Reproductions of the artwork and its story in part or in whole in any form require the permission of the artist. We are only too happy to be of assistance in this matter.