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Mona Mitakiki Shepherd, Naomi Kantjuriny (Collaborative): Kapi Tjukula Tjuta – many rock holes


  • No.:RK1414
  • Medium:Acrylic on Linen
  • Size:198 × 152,5 cm
  • Year:2017
  • Region:APY Lands (West)
  • Art Centre:Tjala Arts
  • Status:

In this painting Mona and Naomi have depicted many rock holes where water collects after the rains. These rock holes are an important source of water during the dry season when most of the water holes and creeks dry up. Water is an essential element in the desert. Knowledge of rock hole sites is passed from generation to generation and revered by all Anangu (people) Pitjantjatjara.

Special provisions apply to this artwork. Reproductions of the artwork and its story in part or in whole in any form require the permission of the artist. We are only too happy to be of assistance in this matter.