Kaltjiti Arts

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Kaltijiti Arts are located in Fregon (Kaltjiti) in the Eastern APY Lands, a newly established cattle station which a lot of Anangu from Ernabella moved to in the early 60’s.

The artists from Kaltjiti use riotous colour and celebrate the diversity of flora and fauna in their themes.

The ethno-botanist, Robin Kankapankatja, with his extremely innovative and complex work and Tali Tali Pompey with her stylistic reduction, have made a big impression in the art world.

The powerful spear paintings by Taylor Cooper and the chromatic swathes of desert wildflowers executed by Kathy Maringka are hot favorites with ARTKELCH clients.

Photos (f.l.t.r.): Kathy Maringka | Photo: Callum Robertson (The Advertiser) © Kaltjiti Arts Kunmanara (Robin) Kankapankatja | Photo: Pete Volich © Kaltjiti Arts Kunmanara (Tali Tali) Pompey | Photo: Pete Volich © Kaltjiti Arts