Mimili Maku

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This art centre of the Eastern APY Lands gets its name from the song cycle of the maku, the witchety grub, whose fat rolling form is embodied in the rounded hills that nest around Mimili.

The 'acrylic revolution' began here when Milatjari Pumani took up painting at the age of 80. She passed her cultural heritage and artistic talents down to two of her daughters, Betty and Ngupulya. Both artists paint the same sacred site, Antara, Betty in a strongly contrasting signature style of reds and whites, Ngupulya rather lyrically gentle. Tuppy Goodwin, Kathleen Tjapalyi and Robert Fielding are promising emerging artists at ARTKELCH.

Photos (f.l.t.r.): Robert Fielding | Photo: Alex Craig © Mimili Maku Tuppy Goodwin, Ngupulya Pumani und Betty Pumani (from left to right) | Photo: Hannah Grace © Mimili Maku Milatjari Pumanis Hund tjuu tjuu | Photo: Hannah Grace © Mimili Maku