The Pound © ARTKELCH

Balgo (Wirrimanu) is located at the northwest edge of the Tanami Desert in Western Australia, about 700 km from Alice Springs. Of the 450 inhabitants, 400 are Aborigines. Originally in Balgo there was a mission station that looked after the Aborigines of this region, which is characterized by multilingualism and multi-culture. Eight languages are spoken in this region - Kukatja, Pintupi, Djaru, Ngardi, Warlpiri Walmajarri, Wangkatjungka and English and it is this diversity of country and story that is reflected in the artwork from here.

The art movement in Balgo gained momentum in the 80’s when they painted on canvas for the first time, preparing posters for the celebrations in honour of the 25th anniversary of Father Piele.

Balgo art is absolutely unique, in particular the vibrant and bold use of colour, their signature being brilliant yellows, oranges and reds.