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Roma (Nyutjangka) Butler Peterman: Mamu (Devil Dreaming)


  • No.:RK1240
  • Medium:Acrylic on Cotton
  • Size:91 × 121 cm
  • Year:2014
  • Region:Ngaanyatjarra Lands
  • Art Centre:The Minyma Kutjara Arts Project
  • Status:

This is a story from Roma's homeland, the place called Wana Tjuku Tjuku near Irrunytju.

The devil is crawling around. He is sick with leprosy. He has no teeth and cannot walk. He comes from a long long way away to this place. He is watching and looking and sniffing the air. He smells out te people, a family. But the family sees hem. He gets down low on the ground and watches them. The mother is pregnant and already has many children. She puts the smallest on her shoulders. The father says her to stay still and wait. He will go back to their camp and get his spears. He comes back and kills that devil with his spear.

The family returns home and the mother has her baby but as soon as it is born she throws it far away, as far as she can. She doesn't want any more babies, she has too many.

Special provisions apply to this artwork. Reproductions of the artwork and its story in part or in whole in any form require the permission of the artist. We are only too happy to be of assistance in this matter.